Sequel To SEVEN?

Seven Brad Pitt (585 x 366)A sequel to David Fincher’s Se7en?

Back in 2011, Moviehole reported that the Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins film Solace was at one time made into a sequel to the 1995 film starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Continue reading

If You Missed It

photoChicago is the opening city of Garth’s upcoming tour, Garth has released the date and ticket information for the show.
His first tour in almost 20 years will kick off on Thursday, Sept. 4 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill., 15 miles north of Chicago.
“As an entertainer, you get asked a lot, ‘What are the best cities to play?’” Brooks says in a press release. “Without hesitation, I rattle five or six of the best places to play and that list always includes Chicago. It is the perfect city to launch the world tour!”
CLICK HERE for ticket prices and limits

10 Disgusting Food Facts

10) The average fast food patron eats 12 pubic hairs in a given year
Ingesting unwanted hair is more likely to occur at fast food restaurants… and it’s not just the hair that grows on the top of heads that you need to worry about.

9) A strawberry McDonald’s milk shake contains 50 artificial flavors
Apparently, real strawberries are expensive. So fast food companies like McDonald’s choose to use a ridiculous concoction of 50 chemicals to effectively imitate the flavor of one real-world food. These chemicals include ethyl acetate, phenythyl alcohol and solvent.

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