What Your Pet’s Name Says About You

What Your Pet’s Name Says About You
As an unmarried lady who is heading full steam ahead toward age 30, I’m often confronted with the stereotype that I’m going to be one of those single urban cat people with 15 felines and no friends. This offends me. I’m a crazy all sorts of animals lady.

The big, overarching assumption that all liberal leaning progressive women are destined for cat ladydom is played out, and we need a new paradigm. Ladies who love animals love all sorts of animals, and you can’t judge a person by what sort of pet they own. However, you can judge them by what sort of name they’ve given their pet.

What your pet name says about you

The New James Bond?

UnknownRumor has it Daniel Craig will no longer be our man of mystery but that Homeland star Damian Lewis might just be our next James Bond.
“Bets have been placed on him succeeding Daniel Craig,” a spokesperson from British bookmaker William Hill told The Telegraph.
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