New Oreo Debuts

After launching its new Cinnamon Bun flavor in January, and bringing back Red Velvet Oreos for good, Oreo has launched a new limited-run experiment: the Filled Cupcake Oreo, which hits stores on Feb. 8.
Built to mimic one of those Hostess chocolate cupcakes with the cream filling, the insides of these Oreos is Continue reading

Eagles & Browne To Honor Frey

160118171244-glenn-frey-08-super-169The Eagles and Jackson Browne Will Pay Tribute to Glenn Frey at Grammys: Glenn Frey, the Eagles co-founder who died January 18th, will be honored at the 2016 Grammys on Monday, theRecording Academy announced. Surviving Eagles members and Jackson Browne will perform the tribute.
Browne co-wrote “Take It Easy”, one of the Eagles’ biggest hits, which he sang at a recent concert, telling the crowd, “I wrote this song with Glenn Frey…I started it and didn’t know how to finish…if I had finished it by myself, it wouldn’t be the song that it is and it wouldn’t be the song that we all love.”
The Grammys, airing on February 15th at 8 p.m. ET, will also include tributes to the late David Bowie and B.B. King.